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Future Tense: Y Level Emerging Artists Exhibition

13 Jun – 11 Jul 2009

The Y-level exhibition at Eyelevel Gallery is an annual event that features the work of emerging Atlantic and New England artists.

Future Tense
Yesterday’s tomorrow is today.

Western society is currently undertaking a major paradigm shift. A sobering and a rethinking of the big picture, hopefully, is moving slowly though the pipes. Be it environment, diplomacy or economy, ‘change’ has come to America not through victory, pro-action or forward planning, but by a FINAL EVICTION NOTICE. We have begun to take steps to appease the landlord. After generations of denial, the dominant culture has began to come to terms with the vastness of the problems we have and that maybe we think about them if we want to remain alive on this planet.

Similar to the way we talk about other major cultural shifts like the Berlin Wall or 9-11, the significance and consequence of whatever this age of sobriety is will not reveal itself until later. Like those moments in history, we can identify that something significant is happening. But what has become very clear is that the popular creative strategies of pessimism and irony are increasingly innocuous. The long, hard questionings of ourselves and our paths often carry a sense of hopelessness and malaise. A creative strategy that works to reveal honesty and questions our everyday assumptions and expectations is paramount in remaining relevant and engaged as we discuss going forward.

Eyelevel Gallery presents to you, Future Tense, nine artists who are taking on this challenge, looking ahead at the world before us and investigating through their artworks. Employing a range of strategy, aesthetics and media, the work engages the problems we face tomorrow.

- Chris Foster, 2009

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