Public potluck picnic #1 at the Halifax Common (photo: Em Lawrence)

Public potluck picnic #2 at Common Roots Urban Farm (photo: Em Lawrence)

Eyelevel's rentable Picnic Starter Pack (photo: Em Lawrence)

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Food for thoughts

1 Jul – 1 Sep 2016

Food For Thoughts from Eyelevel Gallery on Vimeo.

Food For Thoughts is Eyelevel Gallery’s Summer 2016 discussion series. Over meals, casual conversations will be recorded and shared as podcasts. Through public potluck picnics, artist’s talks, meals, and a picnic starter pack, we aim to prompt critical discussions surrounding art practice and presentation.

And why use picnics and potlucks as a way to get these conversations started? "It makes a lot of sense to take the sort of conversations that people are having at artist's talks and exhibition receptions and bring them around a dinner table or, you know, a floral table cloth with a hunk of bread in the middle," says Lawrence, "for food to act as that gathering point."
Eyelevel's apetite for conversation
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Food + Drink feature by Morgan Mullin