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Films: Interim Sketches of a Year of Posterity, Budworks, The Beach or the Ditch, One Side – Left Corner, Aura - Gone

10 May 1979

“The Beach or the Ditch” is an 11 minute experimental film that is a celebration of nature, which combines nature, documentary and home movie themes with experimental film structuralism.

“Budworks” attempted to both fully comprehend and condemn the aerial insecticide spraying of forests.

In 1977 Livingston made the 20 minute film “Interim Sketches” which is serious and comic treatment of Halifax youth in their 20s relating stories about their lives. As one young woman said “A few years ago we talked about being free, and now we talk about being poor.”

The film “One Side – Left Corner” is an experimental drama done in 1976. This 20 minute film is a tour de force of editing in the service of cinematic expressionism. John Brett, filmmaker, says of this film, it is “the dilemma of middle class youth revealed: the freedom to travel indiscriminately through the external world of sensorial exotica without the proper psychic digestors to absorb it”.

“Aura – Gone” made in 1975, is a 10 minute experimental conceptual film that is primarily one shot of the reflections and comings and goings around a building façade. The result is an impressionistic, descriptive, documentation of urban landscape. As Natalie Edwards of “Cinema Canada” stated, it is “reminiscent of being left waiting in the car when one was a child.” 23.2