Aryen Hoekstra, A Coloured Image of the Sun, 2014 (courtesy of the artist)

Aryen Hoekstra, Choregraphy for Screen 2015 (courtesy of the artist)

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26 Oct – 30 Nov 2015


Originating in the formal and conceptual language of the moving-image, Aryen Hoekstra's practice hybridizes projection, photography, sculpture, video, and drawing, through which polyphonic exhibitions emerge. Developing in relation to specific historical events and conditions, his work interrogates the remains of the last century’s ideological projections in an attempt to locate modernity’s enduring spectre. His most recent projects consider our planet's looming ecological catastrophe, which modern ideological projections have shown themselves incapable of confronting. Through this investigation he speculates on what future conditions might be produced when Earth is considered not in correlation to human beings, but as an object in excess of humankind.

Hoekstra is the co-founder of Garden Avenue, a summer-long exhibition project that occurred monthly in his shared backyard through the summer of 2015. Recent exhibition venues include, Mercer Union, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Gallery 44, Xpace Cultural Centre, Olga Korper Gallery (all Toronto, ON), the Art Gallery of Alberta (Edmonton, AB), and Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga, ON). Upcoming projects include solo exhibitions at 8-11 (Toronto, ON), 180 Projects (Sault Ste. Marie), and CPI (Edmonton, AB), a group exhibition curated by Kevin Rodgers at Modern Fuel (Kingston, ON), and a collaborative exhibition with Jen Aitken next spring at Forest City Gallery (London, ON). His writing on contemporary art has appeared in C Magazine, Border Crossings, Magenta Magazine, and Towards Magazine. Since spring 2014 Hoekstra has served as the Director of G Gallery in Toronto, ON.


Fieldwork is a platform for artists to conduct and present research as it relates to their practice in a setting outside of an exhibitionary complex. Initiated by Wes Johnston in 2013, this is the second iteration of the project. Fieldwork aligns with Eyelevel Gallery's itinerant programming model, prioritizing practice over professionalism, and providing multiple access points to contemporary art. This residency has received support from Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax.