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FFT @ FLOTILLA: Humble Pie

21 – 24 Sep 2017

About the talk:
For this talk, the artist will be making whipped cream as they engage in a discussion with attendees about their practice and critical examinations of whiteness and white supremacy. Following the discussion, Russell will stage a performance in response to several recent instances of white artists using the trauma of people of colour as subjects in their work, without being held responsible to these subjects or their histories, and, inevitably, conjuring more trauma for the depicted communities. Russell will read from a manifesto compiled of quotes from these artists as they respond to accusations of racism and cultural appropriation. Each time they recite the words I, Me, or Mine, Russell will be pied in the face with a plate of whipped cream.

Format & Schedule:
For the first hour, the artist will make whipped cream with the attendees. Their performance will be held in the second hour. There will be a sandwich bar on site for attendees.

This event will take place at the Cultural Pavilion in Victoria Park. The space is wheelchair accessible and there are two gender neutral bathrooms onsite.