Image of Parker during Je vous emmène, Geneviève's graduating solo show

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FFT: ARTFAT—Taking our fat bodies back from the clutches of semiotics

23 Jul 2017

Gin & Parker will be using this platform to reveal aspects of their work that they have kept secret. They often work in subject matter related to food that has in the past made people uncomfortable, been shut-down, or denied. They will be focusing on topics around food politics pertaining to bodies, fat bodies, being mad, being queer, being trans, being femme, and being medicalized.

Gin & Parker are two interdisciplinary artists who work in an array of mediums ranging from sculpture and installation to performance. The work that they do concerning food speaks to maximalism, ornamentalism, sensory experiences, aesthetic experiences, glorifying of obesity, resisting medicalization, identity politics and personal narratives. Working from their personal experiences they prioritize fat politics and the awareness of fatphobia within their food politics. In the studio they alternate between collaborating and being each other’s assistants.

The artists will be providing participants with a small pamphlet prior to the talk. Participants will be invited into the space, followed by group introductions. After delivering a primer on fatphobia and fat politics, Gin & Parker will give an informal artist’s talk. Participants will be invited to engage with iced and candied materials. This is a limited audience event, taking place in the artists' apartment, and will be recorded for a future podcast.