Image: Christine D'Onofrio

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Falling Woman

12 Feb – 5 Mar 2011

Falling Woman is a looped video depicting a woman trapped in a never-ending fall.  The fall in Falling Woman represents an interest in contrived depictions of unconsciousness.  The piece plays with the dream of falling interpreted as a loss of control or the feeling of fear and humiliation that comes in dreams of being naked.  The wind from the fall forces the protagonist's dress over her head, which simultaneously conceals her identity and exposes her naked body, acting as a natural yet exploitative flirtation with the camera. Autonomy and control clash for the subject has not jumped nor has she been pushed, and she will never land, instead she is in the midst of a continuous fall. The meeting of these moments manifest themselves in an endless sublime sky where we witness the woman frustrated in her attempt to connect with the sublime.

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