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Exploring Culture, Tradition, and Home Through Ritual

19 Aug 2017

About the talk:
For this talk, the two artists will be discussing themes around culture, tradition and home through ritual. Participants are encouraged to bring in their comfort foods, as a potluck where audience members can share food traditions that are tied to family, community and ancestry. Cinthia will be making patacones (Latin American plantain dish), while talking about how the cooking of them is a ritual that can bring comfort, familiarity and the feeling of home. She wants to share the making of them as a way to share her family history, while talking about her art practice. rudi will be making lakalet, a traditional indigenous fry bread. rudi is interested in how the ritual of making food can bring people together and how it translates to sharing and comfort, stemming from tradition through their family, their community and their ancestors.

About the artists:
Cinthia Arias Auz is an Ecuadorian artist living and working in Halifax, NS. Her early work was about the relationship between sculpture and painting. Her most recent work has been exploring Latin American history, politics, colonialism and globalization. She is currently writing about how the sense of the (South American) self has been influenced by colonialism and globalization.

rudi aker is a wolastoqew queer femme from Fredericton, NB. Their practice explores language, accessibility of contemporary art, and how it can bring marginalized folx together. rudi works mostly in painting but has an exploratory multidisciplinary practice—working also in drawing, installation, photography, illustration, traditional craft, and design.  

Format & Schedule:
The talk will take place from 6pm to 9pm. Each artist will cook for an hour, talking about their experiences of home, family and tradition through ritual. We will have time at the end for discussion, conversation and sharing food.

South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre
1443 Seymour Street, Halifax, NS, B3H 3M6
This venue is wheelchair accessible and has a gender neutral washroom.

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