[Image description: Two movie posters are in the middle of the graphic on top of a black background. The poster on the left is for Rosie directed by Gail Maurice and the poster on the right if for Slash/Back directed by Nyla Innuksuk. Underneath each poster in thin white text says a time, 7 PM for Rosie and 9 PM for Slash/Back. Above the images in bold pink text it reads "Wonder'neath x Eyelevel". In white bold text below that is "DOUBLE-FEATURE SCREENING". At the bottom middle it reads "ONLINE & IN-PERSON. 2482 MAYNARD STREET". The bottom left corner has the National Candian Film Day logo and on the right bottom corner in red it says "free admission".]

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Double-Feature Screening

19 Apr 2023

Join us in-person or online on Wednesday, April 19th for a double-feature screening presented by Wonder’neath and Eyelevel as part of National Canadian Film Day. We will be screening two feature-length films, Rosie and Slash/Back.

Admission is free and we will have seating for 40 people for each film. We will be asking folks to mask when they are not eating snacks. There will be a small break between the films to mingle or come and go. In addition, there is the option to watch these films from the comfort of your own home, there will be a registration form (link in our bio) for this option so that we can send you the link to watch on the day of. Please reach out to wren@eyelevel.art for more information, any questions you may have, to sign up for online viewing if google forms does not work for you, or any access needs.


The first film we are screening is ROSIE at 7 PM
**This film is rated 14A in Nova Scotia and PG in many other provinces. This film contains course language and touches on the sixties scoop and disconnected Indigenous identity.**

Fréderique (Bray), a struggling artist living in 1980s Montreal, is shocked when she’s put in charge of Rosie (Hill), the young daughter of her foster sister who recently passed away. With an impending eviction from her apartment, and no desire to be a mother, she must rely on her chosen family – two aspiring drag stars Flo and Mo – to take care of the spirited youngster and keep Rosie out of the foster care system that Fréderique herself hated.

The second film we are screening is Slash/Back at 9 pm.
**This film is not rated in Nova Scotia but varies between 13+ and 14A amongst provinces as it contains sci-fi violence and some mature language**

When an alien invasion rocks the quiet hamlet of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, it falls on a group of teenage girls to fight back and defend their community. Her feature directing debut, Slash/Back offers a stylish vision from producer-director Nyla Innuksuk. Using makeshift weapons and their own horror movie knowledge, the quartet of teens show the invaders that “nobody f—s with the girls from Pang.” With a cast of local actors and an Inuit cultural lens on the invasion genre, this teen horror-comedy has more charm than an Arctic summer day has sunlight!