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Digital Inventions Archive (part of EVERYSEEKER)

19 Jun 2021

aRENYE | Asuquomo | Ikumagialiit | Lafawndah | Maximata
Visuals by Brandon Hoax
ZOOM | June 19th | 8pm ADT

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Lovers of the surreal, lovers of the symphonic fantastic -- astral travellers, deep listeners, zealous dancers, glorious weirdos, brilliant inventors...this is for you! Beam into this fantastical portal and get lost in a cyber galaxy of genre-bending magic. This poly-dimensional showcase features the wonderful, the weird, the sublime, the exploratory, let it transport you.

Co-presented with Eyelevel and Debaser
With the support of the Cultural and Scientific Services of the Embassy of France in Canada

Our digital programming is free and open to the public.
Our workshops and events will be hosted on Zoom where we will have a third-party live automated Closed Caption service called Rev.
Mics will always be muted, but participants are welcome and encouraged to engage through the chat or Q&A which will be moderated by EVERYSEEKER.


about the artists

aRENYE is an afro fusion artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who hails from Lagos Nigeria the central hub of Afro culture in Africa. His seamless blend of chilled music vibes and energetic performances; his catchy hooks and soothing voice will get you in the groove, while his charismatic performances will always keep you captivated.

Asuquomo: Blending non-verbal spells while using West African spirituals as hooks - Nigerian-born, Canadian-based composer, Asuquomo, maintains an unmistakable sound and unique dexterity for storytelling through a Pan-African narrative as an Afro-Fusion artist. 

American Songwriter Magazine’s ‘Five to Discover: Acts You Need to Know’ described his artistry as “..piercing, aggressive and personal, intriguing and entrancing”. Asuquomo's high-energy performances have landed him opening slots for Grammy award-winning artists Burna Boy and Lido Pimienta. He was also awarded the Emerging Artist Award by Ottawa Arts Council x RBC in 2020.

While making Exclaim! Canada’s Top 25 EP’s of 2020 for his extended-play project ‘DIOBU’, Asuquomo anticipates the release of his first full length album in 2022.

Brandon Hoax: Haudenosaunee onᐱyoteʔa∙ká lotiskle:wake’ 2spirit child of a Stonecoat mother and Dullahan Father. Agender neural network angel extremophile trickster NDN artist from London Ontario, and Oneida Nation of the Thames living in K’jipuktuk.

IKUMAGIALIIT – ᐃᑯᒪᒋᐊᓖᑦ (those that need fire): “Ikumagialiit is an improvisational, elastic performance that is an intense, beautiful, and terrifying experience”. “Each of the performers is, in and of themselves, a marvel.” www.ikumagialiit.com

Lafawndah's journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style. The ceaseless artist returns with ‘The Fifth Season’, released in September 2020 on Parisian label Latency. In contrast to the precision-tuned industrial productions of debut album ‘Ancestor Boy’, her second album breathes a different kind of volatility, inviting a new degree of spontaneity into her process, as reflected in collaborations from live sessions with tubist Theon Cross from Sons of Kemet, trombonist Nathaniel Cross, percussionist Valentina Magaletti, Nick Weiss on keys and additional production, French rapper Lala &ce, and with visual artist Marguerite Humeau.

Maximata: Eric Diolola is a Filipino born sound artist now living in Timberlea, Nova Scotia. Maximata - as Diolola's sonic vessel, is an evidence of admiration to all the communities and stories he witnesses and continues to grow with. A never ending exploratory celebration of the past, future and the omnipresent, through vibrations and noises.

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