Archive Improv

Michael Fernandez during 'Live Archive' a performance by Craig Leonard and Michael Fernandez as part of Archive Improv.

Live Archive

Archive Improv in progress

Archive Improv reception alongside Picture Promenade.

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Archive Improv

8 Sep – 17 Oct 2009

In Archive Improv, resident artist Craig Leonard is inviting visitors to interact with Eyelevel Gallery's archives through a basic request-based retrieval system. Each fulfilled request will generate a structural addition to an improvised storage unit in the gallery that will grow over the course of the residency/exhibition. Cabinets, cubbyholes, and hidden nooks will house archival documents that visitors may take away. Leonard will also be producing disobedient artifacts and drawings in response to selected archival materials.

Archive Improv is presented alongside Picture Promenade as part of Nocturne: Art at Night, 2009.