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1 – 29 Feb 2024

For the month of February, be sure to visit AlterEgo's Café on Gottingen Street to see Yesterday is Still to Come, the new exhibition from Mara Ireta Gordon as part of our AlterEye Café Works series. You're invited to attend the opening reception at AlterEgo's on Wednesday, February 7th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. A reminder that all Eyelevel events and programming are masks requiredHere is a link to our access notes. 

Yesterday is Still to Come documents my life and the deliberate construction of my family and partnership; honoring the wonder and stability of these domestic spaces, as well as the people and places that surround me day after day. This series of colour photographs also explores the tension and relationship between the stillness and certainty of the everyday, and the constantly changing elements in our lives. These photographs map the personal queer intricacies of our messy and tender networks of life. Coming to adulthood during the instability of the pandemic, my work aims to make sense of the questions,  how do we find purpose, how are our lives affected by- and shift with- time passing? What are those most intimate moments and spaces where we are loved, loving and vulnerable? These works explore the queer intimacies of daily life with the passing of time, where and how we make our homes, and how remarkable and precious that can be.

Mara Ireta Gordon is a queer inter-disciplinary artist of mixed settler-Mexican ancestry living in K’jipuktuk. Their current practice centers around textiles and photography. They received their Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick in 2020, and in 2021, they were the Visual Arts Nova Scotia’s Artist in Residence at Wonder’neath. Mara’s personal identity and queerness informs their work, particularly a sense of otherness that they have often felt. In their work, Mara aims to create the spaces they lack:  intimately familiar, where their existence is inherent and intuitive- as such, their photography practice centers around queer domesticity.

To learn more about Yesterday is Still to Come or about our AlterEye Café Works, please contact Sally at sally@eyelevel.art or Cinthia at cinthia@eyelevel.art.

[ID: on an infographic with a black background, a cropped image of Mara's work - a photograph of the inside of a bedroom. In the background, there is on the left side a dark doorframe and an off-yellow wall with some hanging art on the right side. In the foreground is an unmade bed with different blankets, sheets and pillows. In the right bottom corner is a nightstand and on top of it there is a glass of water and sunglasses.- sits inside a thin red frame. Above the image are the words (in white) AlterEye Cafe Works Presents... (in italics large red text) Yesterday is Still to Come (in large white text) Mara Ireta Gordon. To the right of the image are the exhibition dates and opening reception dates and times. The Eyelevel logo in white is at the bottom right corner.]