ID: on an infographic with a black background, an image of Emily's work - a black and white print of pho noodles held up by a set of black chopsticks - sits inside of a thin red frame. Above the image are the words (in white) AlterEye Cafe Works Presents... (in large red text) Stomach Ache (in large white text) Emily Flinn. To the right of the image are the exhibition dates and opening reception dates and times. The Eyelevel logo in white is at the bottom right corner.

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1 – 30 Nov 2023

For the month of November, be sure to visit AlterEgo's Café on Gottingen Street to see Stomach Ache, the new exhibition from Emily Flinn as part of our AlterEye Café Works series. You're invited to attend the opening reception at AlterEgo's on Wednesday, November 8th from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. A reminder that all Eyelevel events and programming are masks requiredHere is a link to our access notes. 

Stomach Ache is a collection of intaglio and lithograph prints that examine the artist’s Vietnamese and Canadian heritage through food. The Vietnamese noodle soup, phở is often a reminder of displacement and alienation from Emily’s Vietnamese heritage rather than a memory of home and familiar comfort. This body of work reflects on her relationship to the dish through the repetitive nature that comes with the act of printmaking akin to trying again and again to reconnect and reconstruct one's heritage.

Emily Flinn is a Vietnamese-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist residing in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), NS. Primarily working in painting and printmaking mediums, Emily imbues her work with experiences of the liminality and ambiguity she feels from her cultural identity. She is currently studying at NSCAD University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts.

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