ID: an image of a hand-woven piece of fabric hangs vertically on a white background. The weaving is striped in maroon, brown and shades of muted blue and green. It has a braided fringe on the top and bottom.

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AlterEye Works: Static Dreamscape

2 – 31 Jan 2024

For the month of January, be sure to visit AlterEgo's Café on Gottingen Street to see Static Dreamscape, the new exhibition from Fifi Gullion as part of our AlterEye Café Works series. You're invited to attend the opening reception at AlterEgo's on Wednesday, January 10th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. A reminder that all Eyelevel events and programming are masks requiredHere is a link to our access notes. 

For the first time in my recent memory I’ve started to experience vivid dreams full of childhood imagery and motifs. These dreams have given me a window into imagery, patterns, and memories I felt I had lost; orchid gardens, the floral repeating tiles in my abuela’s front porch, the stained glass windows looking into one of the many homes I lived in growing up. Weaving this was an experience of translating the constantly shifting shapes and colors that I’ve been dreaming of into texture and pattern. The imagery in the weaving is completely up to those looking at it.

About the Artist: 

Fifi Gullion is a Cuban-Canadian artist who focuses on weaving. Through creating hand-woven fabrics, they are able to focus on repetitive motions that allow them to contemplate their relationship to the idea of home. They draw inspiration from their dreams,  memories and archival family knowledge which they apply to multi-harness weaving structures. The textiles engage with people who have a distant memory of home, hoping to serve as a brief reminder of a moment past. 

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