ID: A graphic of Everything Is Connected with a black background. To the left, you see hand-drawn illustrations and watercolours. There is text on top that reads "AlterEye Café Works Presents... Everything Is Connected. Donica Larade." After that, there is text that reads, "exhibition dates: Sep 1 to Sep 30. Opening reception: Sep 9, 7-8PM. 2193 Gottingen St, AlterEgo's Café"

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AlterEye Works: Everything Is Connected

1 – 30 Sep 2023

For the month of September, be sure to visit AlterEgo's Café on Gottingen Street to see Everything Is Connected, the new exhibition from Donica Larade as part of our AlterEye Café Works series. You're invited to attend the opening reception at AlterEgo's on Wednesday, September 9th from 7:00PM to 8:00PM. A reminder that all Eyelevel events and programming are masked. Here is a link to our access notes. 

Everything in nature is connected, and our relationship with our ecosystem determines its future. Artist Donica Larade predominantly uses pen, watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, and acrylic to create these pieces. Most recently, they've picked up textiles and cyanotype printing to further interpret scientific illustrations through quilting. 

Donica Larade is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Nova Scotia with a background in biology, whose art explores traditional scientific illustrations in a modern context. They are passionate about science communication, sustainable foraging and wildlife conservation, and these themes are echoed in their work. Hiking their way across the province and scouring the shorelines for treasures, they are often inspired by their surroundings and take the time to identify the samples they collect before transforming them into illustrations. As seen through their lichen, bat, or bug pieces, they have an affinity for the underdogs of the natural world and use their art to emphasize the beauty of common or misunderstood species. 

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