ID: A graphic of Birds of Renaissance with a black background. To the left, there is a painting of a bird with a plague doctor mask. There is text on top that reads "AlterEye Café Works Presents... Birds of Renaissance. Anam Khan" Below, there is text that reads, "exhibition dates: Oct 1 to Oct 31. Opening reception: Oct 4, 7-8 PM. 2193 Gottingen St, AlterEgo's Café"

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1 – 31 Oct 2023

For the month of October, be sure to visit AlterEgo's Café on Gottingen Street to see Birds of Renaissance, the new exhibition from Anam Khan as part of our AlterEye Café Works series. You're invited to attend the opening reception at AlterEgo's on Wednesday, October 4th from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. A reminder that all Eyelevel events and programming are masks requiredHere is a link to our access notes. 

Birds of Renaissance is a collection of artworks that defy convention and take you on a journey into a world where the Renaissance meets the spirit of rebellion, celebrates freedom, and revels in the absurd.

The Renaissance, or “rebirth,” was a period of profound intellectual and artistic awakening that challenged the established dogmas of the Middle Ages. Comparably, Birds of Renaissance captures the essence of the artist’s experiences of rebellion against societal constraints and religious dogma. Each artwork is an amalgamation of dream and reality, featuring subjects with exaggerated features and unexpected juxtapositions - offering an escape from the mundane. They are essentially a metaphor for the artist’s defiance of their orthodox upbringing, which was rooted in strict adherence to cultural and religious traditions.  

The amalgamation of classical elements with surreal and whimsical forms challenges the viewers to reconsider the world through a different lens. This exhibition invites you to contemplate the power of art as a vehicle for rebellion, transformation, and the unending pursuit of creative freedom.

Anam (she/her) is a visual artist originally from India, who moved to Halifax in 2021 in pursuit of happiness. Her art style consists of everything from pop culture and gore to absurdity and surrealism. She likes to experiment with a mix of mediums such as graphite, acrylic, coloured pencils, and watercolours.

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