Image description: Grey stands barefoot in radstorm wearing black shorts, a black ball cap and a long-sleeved firey shirt. Radstorm has wooden floors and a decorated with posters and musical instruments. Infront of Grey is a pile of sticks of different lengths all balanced preciously against one another. The pile of sticks is surrounded by red lights and blankets mimicking campfires. 

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All We Need Is...Sticks & Blankets!

27 Nov 2022

Using deep play tactics, or some theatre games with sticks and wool blankets, this workshop explores identity (sticks), Land (blankets), and how we share these things (play games!) There will be instructions, but there is no right or wrong way to play these games, as we enter into an imaginary space to tell some stories together: what will we see, hear, and say? 

Go as deep into your imagination as you like, or sit and watch! 

Come and learn about embodied memories, direct observation, emergence, and being gentle and clear, through games designed to let everyone teach at once. 

This workshop will be offered to two different age groups at Radstorm: 2177 Gottingen Street

Centering ages 6 - 13 years & their companions: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Centering ages 12 - 19 years & their companions: 2 PM - 3:30 PM

Age groups are rough guidelines, but please feel free to attend whichever is best suited for you/the kiddo attending



If you would like to register (encouraged but not mandatory) you can follow the link here to register. Alternatively, you can email Wren at with the timeslot you would like to register for in the email. 



Grey Piitaapan Muldoon of Bricoteer Experiments Theatre has over 20 years experience listening to children of all ages tell him/them stories about the Land and their extraordinary memories through the fun of performing with objects. Show us what you see with two eyes, two ears, two feet and a strong heartbeat. Figure out what only you can tell us today. Be brave, be calm, come play. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Grey at or Wren at 


Radstorm is on the ground floor with a small ramp to get in the building. There are two single-stall gender neutral washrooms, with SHARPS containers. The washrooms may not be accessible to all people due to lack of grab bars and other specialized equipment. They have naloxone kits on hand (on the wall between the kitchen area and washroom).

We are still requiring that all of our guests please wear masks in the space for the comfort and safety of all of us :)