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65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living / Arbour Ridge Circle

5 Mar – 11 Apr 2009

As part of this two-person exhibition, artists Jeremy Drummond (Richmond, VA) and Scott Rogers (Calgary, AB) investigate ideas related to the culture and life of North American suburbs. Both Drummond and Rogers explore the politics, problems and pleasures of suburban design and its architectural history and development.

 In 65-Point Plan for Sustainable Living, Jeremy Drummond exhibits a collection of sixty-five aerial images depicting every Canadian Province and American State. Each image portrays a single subdivision that has been digitally reconstructed to become an enclosed geographical space with no roads leading in or out. As an installation, these images reflect upon the relationship between medieval and contemporary (sub)urban design and landscape architecture. Drummond views this project as a point of departure from previous works that have similarly explored themes related to architecture and constructed environments. Arbour Ridge Circle consists of works in video, sculpture and window vinyl that researches concepts of infinity and multiplicity, specifically in the Calgary suburb of Arbour Lake. With each work in this exhibition, Rogers references specific elements of suburban living which are often maligned because of their uniformity or disposability, using these elements as starting points for re-examination. Familiar images and materials such as junk mail, road maps and manicured lawns are mediated, collaged and skewed creating surprisingly diverse effects.  Ultimately, this exhibition reflects upon the limiting and expansive nature of suburban life, suggesting critical, optimistic and contemplative methods for discovering difference within the repetitious.