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1 – 30 Oct 2011

Centre for Art Tapes and Eyelevel Gallery Partner Internationally for Photopolis Festival

Eyelevel Gallery and the Centre For Art Tapes host Céline Jouenne, Directing Manager of Videospread (Marseilles, France) in a month-long program entitled 3X3X3, bringing together three curators, three artists and three public sites throughout Halifax Regional Municipality. All three curators will be working with artists who explore the degradation, juxtaposition, or technical implications of the moving image, set in relation to the photographic image. Over the month of October,

Artists: Julie Louise Bacon, Michel Klöfkorn, David Frankovich 

Exhibition Dates: 1-30 October, 2011

@Eyelevelgallery, 2159 Gottingen St.

Off-Site Projections:

Julie Louise Bacon (Quebec) and James Geurts: 7pm, Saturday, October 1st 

@ South Battery Pier (on the Halifax Waterfront next the Bishop’s Landing)

Michel Klöfkorn (Frankfurt): 6pm, Saturday, October 15th 

@ Granville Mall Courtyard

David Frankovich (Toronto): 7pm, Thursday, October 27th 

@ Starfish Properties Barrington buildings (Projected from the Roy Building: 1657 Barrington)

Artist Talk and Opening Reception: 7pm Thursday, September 29th,

@ Eyelevelgallery, 2159 Gottingen St.

Curator talk with visiting curator Céline Jouenne and Catalogue Launch: 7pm, Thursday, October 13th

@ Eyelevelgallery, 2159 Gottingen St.


Presented by: Eyelevel Gallery, the Centre For Art Tapes, and Videospread.
Location: South Battery Pier (on the Halifax Waterfront next the Bishop’s Landing)
Time: 7-10pm, Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Artists Talk: 6pm, Thursday, September 29th, 2011 followed by opening reception of 3x3x3 at Eyelevel Gallery, 2159 Gottingen Street, Halifax.

Julie Louise Bacon and James Geurts, Double Fountain [after a water clock design by the Arab engineer al-Jazari 1136-1206] (2011)

Double Fountain projects an image of a curious device, a contemporary remaking of an ancient invention that uses the flow of water to perform that most human of interests…the measuring of time (so important to maritime navigation we recall).  As a temporary installation, it is situated directly on the Halifax Waterfront, where many classic historic monuments, public artworks, architectural development, and tourist attractions are situated.

The allusion to Arab engineering (during the Islamic Golden Age), reminds us of a time in history mostly obscured in the West. This recollection comes at a time of resurgency in the Arab world, and charged Arab-West relations. As well as a form of monument, the looped image can act like an altar, the soundtrack become hynoptic even meditative, drawing us into a reflection on the use of public space for the poetic rather than the commercial, and asking the question, what do we choose to memorialise and why?

Julie Louise Bacon (Ph.D) is an artist, curator and writer, focusing on themes including ritual, mythology, aesthetics and politics, technology and consciousness, and archiving. She has presented her research-based performance, installation, Land Art, video and photographic works in galleries and outdoor locations worldwide. Her recent publications and exhibitions include: Convergences: Literary Art Exhibitions (Belfast/Limerick, 2011), Drawing on Thresholds (residency with James Geurts in Israel/Palestine (2011), The Clearing (event curation, London 2010), and Arkive City (Ed. 2008, http://interface.ulster.ac.uk/arkivecity). Julie has played an active role in artist-led culture through posts in arts centres in England, Northern Ireland and Canada, and is currently based in Quebec City.

James Geurts (Australia/Netherlands) has developped an ‘expanded drawing practice’ that involves drawing with traditional materials, as well as with light, sound, photography, Land Art, kinetic sculpture and video. Working in sites ranging from a city harbour and a salt lake in the desert in Australia, to a cultural quarter in China, his events and installations amplify the relationship between form and flux in nature and the built environment, and the experience of the senses and perception in the human body. His recent works include: Drawing Subterranean (Gemak, The Hague 2011); Tract, the Margaret Lawrence Gallery (Melbourne, 2011) ; and Drawing Amplitude (Transpan, The Hague, 2011).





Funders: Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage, and the Embassy of France, Atlantic Chapter. 

Contact: Michael McCormack at (902) 425 6412 or director@eyelevelgallery.ca for further information or visit www.eyelevelgallery.ca.