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35 Days of Non-Organized Art & Eyelevel Unplugged

23 Apr – 27 May 2009

In celebration of Eyelevel's upcoming 35th anniversary, the Gallery has made an open call to all artists-emerging and established, local and national, professional and amateur-to participate in the project 35 Days of Non-organized Art. For exactly 35 days, from April 23-May 27 2009, Eyelevel Gallery will host over fifty art-related events that include exhibitions, performances, lectures, workshops and a hybrid of other creative activities. The aim of this project is to give public access to the gallery and to provide an environment that supports creative, spontaneous and interactive artistic production. For the duration of the 35 Days project, the gallery will not “organize” any of these events but will instead, serve to offer its space for people to congregate and to “self-organize” art-related activities. From April 23rd to May 27th, Eyelevel will be open every day of the week from 12-7pm. Each Thursday evening, there will be a reception/party for all participants and community members. 35 Days of Non-organized Art will be featured as part of Eyelevel Unplugged, a month long experiment in low-tech and creative administration. During this time, Eyelevel will unplug itself from its day-to-day reliance on computers and all other forms of contemporary office technology, and will function as it did when the gallery opened in 1974. All administrative activities, including promotion and communication, will use strategies such as: word-of-mouth, flyer postings, telephone trees, and bulletin boards. In addition, the gallery will re-build its office space as a kind of theatrical set, depicting the original 1974 gallery space. Works exhibited as part of the 35 days project will also be presented in the spirit of 1974. For more information about this project please contact: Eryn Foster, Director 902 425 6412 * * * please note: the gallery will not be available for online communication from April 23rd to May 27th. If you would like to contact the gallery during these dates, please do so by telephone, snail-mail or in-person.