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The Sunday Herald article

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12 Flags for a War

2 – 27 Nov 1999

The Eyelevel media release dated November 2nd 1999 states:

"Eyelevel Gallery is pleased to present 12 Flags for a War, an exhibition of textile-based work by artist Frances Dorsey (Ketch Harbour, NS). On display is a series of fabric contructions based on World War II era flags and related subject manner. The artist states, "For the past few years my work has been based on the Second World War. Initially this came from my father's written account of his experience in combat. With time it has evolved into an investigation of North American WWII experience, with an increasing focus on Halifax as Canada's gateway to war." The symbolic and metaphoric connotations which exist within the flag as an object, are explored within this personalized area of focus and through the sculptural examples that result. Dorsey continues, "Flags symbolize national pride and identity. They evoke emotions; nationalism, patriotism, fear, disgust, anger and hope in all of us, despite our best intentions to remain aloof."